# What is Grorapid Email list cleaning?

Grorapid Email List Cleaning allows you to check your list and verify which of the emails are valid. These enable you to send your emails only to the valid emails and avoid a high spam rate or bounce rate.

The email addresses are divided into 4 categories:

1. Deliverable

Contact can receive email successfully. Grorapid will be able to send emails to the contacts which are Deliverable.

2. Unknown

System was unable to detect if email can be sent. Grorapid will send email to these contacts.

3. Risky

Email inboxes which are of Catch-All or Accept-All are categorised as Risky as its not possible to know if contact will accept emails until and unless it is sent.

4. Undeliverable

When the email is invalid or not reachable via our System checks, the contact is categorised as Undeliverable. Grorapid doesn't send any email to these contacts and therefore their status is Suspended.

# System Checks for Email Cleaning

  1. Valid Syntax - If Email address has a valid syntax
  2. Temporary Mail Boxes - Email address should not be part of Temporary mailboxes.
  3. Valid Domain - Domain of the email address should be valid
  4. Valid MX Records - Domain should have valid MX records to receive email
  5. SMPT Connection - SMTP Connection is made and check if email is reachable or not.