# How to create and send an email campaign?

Please follow the below steps to create and send your email campaign:

  1. Click on the Add tab and select Create Email.
  2. Choose your preferred template from the templates and click on Use Now.
  3. Enter the information such as Email name, Email subject and select your contact list in the Email Settings section and click on Save & Continue.
  4. Select either HTML Builder, Rich Text Editor or Import HTML Editor by clicking on Change Editor under the 3-dot menu.
  5. HTML Builder:
    1. Click on edit
    2. Make your changes in the design and content.
    3. Click on save.
    4. Click on Go back.
  6. Rich text editor:
    1. Make your changes in the editor.
    2. Click on Save Content.
  7. Import HTML Editor
    1. Paste or type your html code in the editor.
    2. Click on Save Content.
  8. Click on Send as test mail if you wish to test your email.
  9. Or click on send and select whether you want to send your email instantly or schedule it for a later time.