# How do I SMTP Server on Grorapid?

Follow these 4 simple steps to add your own server on Grorapid:

# Step 1 - Visit the manage servers (opens new window) page

Visit the manage servers (opens new window) and click on the Sender account from the left for which you want to add SMTP server.

# Step 2 - Add new server

Add SMTP server in Grorapid

Click on Add Server button at the middle right and and choose SMTP

# Step 3 - Enter SMTP Credentials

Get the SMTP credentials and complete the form. You can use any SMTP credentials and start sending emails.

Setup SMTP for Gsuite account to send emails (opens new window)

You can choose 1000 emails per day as the sending limit.

# Step 4 - Save and Continue

Fill up the relevant SMTP credentials and click on Save and Continue to save the details. You can send a test mail to see if the server is working fine or not.


It can take upto 2 hours to verify and activate the newly added server.

# Step 5 - Select server

Change the default server or choose appropriate sending server in the email settings.