# What does Grorapid do?

Grorapid Recipes for Marketing and Sales

Grorapid is a No-code SAAS Marketing platform which simplifying marketing and sales for small businesses by providing:

  1. Recipes (opens new window) - Premade templates and automations for various marketing ideas and strategies
  2. Emails (opens new window) - Complete Email marketing to send all types of Email campaigns and get detailed reports to take best marketing decisions
  3. Webpages (opens new window) - Simple to use Page builder and editor to go live in minutes
  4. Forms and Pop-ups (opens new window) - Lead generation forms and popups to get visitor details and start automation
  5. Automations (opens new window) - Email Series and Sequences along with Segmentation to target your customers with personalised communication
  6. Simple CRM (opens new window) - Manage Contacts profile at a single place and send email campaigns at scale

Check Grorapid Homepage (opens new window) to know more